Below are web resources I find invaluable when researching wrestling.

PuroresuDreamTwitter and Blog – A clearinghouse of Japanese puro events. This is a great place to find the rarer Joshi shows if you aren’t adept at acquiring the television programs. This is my go to spot for Ice Ribbon and SEAdLINNNG amongst others.

Joshi CityTwitter and Blog – Guides, reviews, and lists to get you on the right foot in regards to the esoteric and poorly documented Joshi scene.

IndependentWrestling.tvWebsite – Many high-quality but small US indies including Glory Pro Wrestling, Black Label Pro, Southern Underground Pro, Beyond Wrestling, and Freelance Wrestling put out shows here and they have about 2 live streams a week of various shows including select Chikara events. A really good deal if you want to keep up with the US indie scene.

LuchablogWebsite and Twitter – A great spot for following the confusing, spectacular, and sometimes disastrous world of lucha including AAA, CMLL, and The Crash.