Joey Janela’s Lost in New York

GCW’s shows with Joey Janela have been high-concept, lowbrow crowd-pleasers heavy on (mostly) the good kind of nostalgia. Spring Break was a show that really helped spread widespread awareness of the Wrestlemania week shows and Spring Break 2 launched PCO into a round of indie stardom that was nearly inconceivable before his match with WALTER. On August 17th, 2018, brought us the newest of Joey’s GCW shows, Lost in New York.

The signature for these shows thus far, beyond a heavy dose of older wrestlers, has been the brilliant promotional video and LINY was no exception. Observe:

These are funny videos, for sure, but they heavily deal in specific nostalgia. If you have watched the short documentary Please Don’t Die Joey Janela, you’ll surely remember the clear admiration Janela has for Sabu as well as their pathetic match where a broken Sabu can barely function in the ring due to two bad hips. Janela assures us that Sabu will be in much better shape when he gets his hips replaced. It’s always clear when you hear Janela interviewed that he loves older wrestlers, especially the hardcore icons that drove him to pursue the business.

Nothing can make this more obvious than looking at the cards for these shows: Marty Janetty, Dan Severn, Great Sasuke, PCO, and now this card with FOUR wrestlers over the age of 50. And guess what? It was not sad, it was great! PCO continued his tear through the indie circuit, Sandman made a nonwrestling but fan-pleasing appearance (where it seemed that he had quit drinking, good for him), Jinsei Shinzaki looked 15 years younger than he was, and Sabu… Janela was right! Sabu looks worlds better with his new hips! It might be a little bit of a capitalist bummer that he has to work at age 53 but it was no longer pathetic.

The highlight for many will be the opener between Kyle the Beast and the diminutive Marko Stunt. It’s an extremely fun match and Marko has been a bit of a phenom nationwide the last year. His showing in this match got him booked for All In Zero Hour and he’ll get the chance to pull off some of these spots on national television.

If you’re into nostalgia and fun, Joey Janela’s run with GCW continues to be a can’t miss. Maybe one of these will have enough missteps sometime to not recommend watching, but those will have to be egregious when the price tag remains fifteen dollars.