WrestleMania Week Show Reviews

Beyond Wrestling: Uncharted Territory Episode 1

A very wrestle-wrestle show but extremely good. All the matches were decent to good. If they can get bodies to Electric Haze every week this is going to be a good series.

Best Match: David Starr v Masato Tanaka
Rating: B

WrestlePro: Does Funny = Money?

Answer? No.

Dan Maff beat up Hornswoggle. Worst tag gauntlet ever.

Best Match: fuck, I dunno, Demon Bunny v Team Tremendous I guess? It was wrestling at least.
Rating: F

IWTV Family Reunion

This was a free-ish showcase to kick off The Collective. It was fun and had some really nice matches. The Alpha-1 six man was a highlight.

Best Match: Gary Jay v Jake Parnell – Last Man Standing
Rating: B-

wXw: Amerika Ist Wunderbar

Good matches but was a little uneven and didn’t have much in the way of stakes for a US audience. Mostly will be famous for Starr’s promo.

Best Match: David Starr v Lucky Kid
Rating: C+

GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport

Vastly improved from last year. Only bad match was Severn v Mir. It would be cool if GCW could do more than one of these a year. I don’t think you could carry an entire promotion of this in 2019 but maybe 3 a year?

Best Matches: JR Kratos v Simon Grimm; Minoru Suzuki v Josh Barnett
Rating: B+

DDT: Coming to America

DDT did a phenomenal job putting this show together for an English audience. I don’t even want to pick anything out because it was all so good. A must watch.

Best Match: Konosuke Takeshita v Daisuke Sasaki
Rating: A

AIW: Slumber Party Massacre

A wee bit of a trash fire show but that was the point. Fun stuff, mostly.

Best Match: the title 4-way
Rating: C

Kaiju Big Battel: Silver Jamboree

Kaiju on Mania week is always fun because you know there’s a ton of famous wrestlers in the suits but no one knows who they are. Watching Kaiju for the matches is a little against the point but the show was very entertaining and the crowd was hot. Fuck Dr. Cube.

Best Match: n/a
Rating: B

Chikara: Once Upon a Beginning

A really standout show for Chikara’s season premiere. Lots of great matches with all the available guests.

Best Match: Airwolf v A-Kid
Rating: B

Shimmer 113

Great show, starting the thing with Matsumoto and Savoy was risky but it paid off. Really solid show.

Best Match: Team Surf & Turf v Team Blue Nation (Kris Wolf’s final Shimmer match)
Rating: B

Black Label Pro: Adventures in Wrestling

Really fun mostly low stakes event. Well booked and the rumble with everyone in the back was extremely cool.

Best Match: Shigehiro Irie v Jonathan Gresham
Rating: B

Rev Pro: Live in New York

The two big astroturf NJPW matches were phenomenal, the rest of the show was somewhat lackluster.

Best Match: Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. v Hiroshi Tanahashi & Will Ospreay
Rating: B-

Stardom: American Dream 2019

Plenty of technical issues including a broken ring aside, the matches were great and the crowd was pretty hot. If this had just gone smoother it likely would have been an A show.

Best Match: Momo Watanabe v Utami Hayashishita
Rating: B+

NXT: TakeOver New York

Started out with one of the best tag matches in forever, followed up with a near classic. The entire middle dragged. People liked the Walter/Dunne match and I really don’t see why. They had trouble working to the crowd size. It was maybe the 30th best Walter match I’ve seen the last 2 years.

Best Match: War Raiders v Aleister Black
Rating: B+

Joey Ryan’s Penis Party

Well Tracy Smothers nearly tanked this show and DDT nearly saved it. Instead it was just generally cursed.

Best Match: DDT Heavymetalweight Rumble
Rating: C-

NJPW/ROH: G1 Supercard

ROH is a shit-tier promotion with a few good wrestlers. Take away Bandido, Cobb, and Haskins and this promotion is worse than the top Midwest indies. They tried to tank this show but couldn’t. This was easily the best show New Japan has had in the US despite their jackassery so win some lose some. Only good ROH match on the card was the ladder and it went overlong.

Best Matches: Kota Ibushi v Tetsuya Naito; Jeff Cobb v Will Ospreay
Rating: B+

GCW: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Pt. 1

An incredibly blessed show, a little something for everyone.

Best Match: A-Kid v Australian Suicide v Jake Atlas v Shane Mercer v Slim J v Jungle Boy
Rating: A-

GCW: Orange Cassidy is doing something, or whatever… who knows?

Pure comedy show with good jokes and good wrestling. This is really everything you could want in a novelty show, except for listening to Teddy Hart. That obnoxious segment took this from an A- show to a B one. Book Teddy Hart at the bottom of the ocean.

Best Match: Lucky 13 v Jigsaw v Airwolf v Champion Dan v Jake Atlas v Sonny DeFarge
Rating: B

WrestleCon: US v The World

A showcase that lost most of its heat when all the DG guys dropped out. They did their best.

Best Match: The Rascalz v Adam Brooks, Australian Suicide, and Robbie Eagles
Rating: C+

WrestleCon: Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow

Same as above but this event ended up being better than the 2nd.

Best Match: Bandido v Will Ospreay
Rating: B

WWE: WrestleMania 35

Yes I actually watched it this year because I went to a party. It was fine in the 1st half, fairly dire in the 2nd. Ronda is still sloppy as fuck, I could pick any random joshi 14 year old that’s better than her. I don’t get why she gets bonus credit, you crackers need to step up your standards.

Best Matches: Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston; Men’s SmackDown Title 4-way
Rating: C

GCW: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 pt 2

Possibly the greatest avant-garde indie show in US history. You can criticize GCW/Janela for booking the likes of Teddy Hart but to me this was an exploration of the zeitgeist of the week. Hart wasn’t there for one show.

Best Matches: LAX v Rock ‘n’ Roll Express; The Greatest Clusterfuck
Rating: A+