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Winter Streamfest 2019

These are the tentative cards that will be streamed for Winter Streamfest 2019 from Jan. 17th until Jan. 23rd.

This is the tentative schedule for Winter Wrestling Streamfest. All streams begin approx. 8 EST/7 CST unless otherwise noted. If you don’t know where these shows stream then hit up the Discord, I am not generally streaming publicly.

1/17Sendai Girls 1/6

1/18PWG: Guerre Sans FrontiƩres

1/19Michinoku Pro: Great Space War 2018, OWE Phase 6 1/6, PWG: 2011 Battle of Los Angeles

1/20 – cancelled due to technical issues

1/21Japan in ROH Mixtape

1/22AJW/NOAH Mixtape 2

1/23PWG: Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock and Roll

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