Thanksgiving AJW/NOAH Mixtape

Having missed basically the entirety of Pro Wrestling NOAH’s peak era, I’ve been spending some nights watching a match here and there. Needless to say, it’s been enjoyable, but I wanted to host an evening of NOAH for the Wrestlesplania #live-events chat and Thanksgiving turned out to be the perfect time when I ended up stuck at my parents’ an extra night. To let the West coasters with evening plans have a bit more time, I added a pre-show with four of the best AJW matches I’ve seen that would work as a good intro to that promotion as well. It turned out to be the best wrestling mixtape I’ve ever assembled.

  1. Jaguar Yokota v Dump Matsumoto (AJW 10/6/84)
  2. Bison Kimura v Kyoko Inoue (AJW 8/18/91)
  3. Bull Nakano v Akira Hokuto – Cage Match (AJW 7/30/92)
  4. Manami Toyota v Aja Kong (AJW 11/20/94)
  5. KENTA v Ricky Marvin (NOAH 10/15/09)
  6. Jushin Thunder Liger v Yoshinobu Kanemaru (NOAH Departure 10/7/04)
  7. KENTA and Taiji Ishimori v Kota Ibushi and Naomichi Marifuji (NOAH Summer Navigation Day 12 7/15/07)
  8. Akira Taue v Yuji Nagata (NOAH Navigation with Breeze 6/6/03)
  9. Minoru Suzuki v Takashi Suigura (NOAH Great Voyage 9/19/15)
  10. Mitsuhara Misawa v Kenta Kobashi (NOAH Navigate for Evolution Day 9 1/3/03)